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Red Face Invaders [English] (source code included)

A few years ago, I was seriously occupied by the Aleph project, so I found myself in a “particularly boring” work environment, and in the office there was a computer that took dust. What a normal person should do in this situation? Probably should load a porn, or a video-game. But since I’m not normal at all, I used it for programming.

This happened before I started having breakfast with silicon wafers, this story will be true, I can’t tell you, meanwhile today I have a little game to share for the benefit of the computer community, which I share for educational purposes under the license L.U.I. (Libero Utilizzo Iillimitato nel tempo). which means from Italian [Free Use without time limit for educational purposes].

Even before I talk about the game, I want to talk to you about the license because it is important and should be read and accepted. The LUI license, “guarantees the right to modify copy and free exchange of files, between users”. But this license prohibits the sale and profit. Having said that if someone thinks of being smart, and making others pay for what they received for free, then he may also have some legal problems. –

Story of Red Face Invaders

Red-Face Invaders startup screen (640 x 480 VGA resolution 16 colors)

Contrary to what has been thought so far, the inhabitants of the red planet are not green men, but they too are red, and for this reason none on Mars has seen them, but a bad day, during a sunny and serene morning these “reds” they appear to us earthlings. Then promptly we wear military camouflage green, take up our double-plasma laser rifle and go crazy on fire.

I think the story is all here, for the moment, because this is a little game I did to test the graphics libraries for the VGA card, under the FreeDOS operating system.
To run it, any DOS-based computer is sufficient, as long as it has a CPU 286 or higher, an AT keyboard, PS / 2 or even USB but the latter is difficult to find on a PC 286.

(However it should be noted that this version is synchronized to run on a Pentium II at 300Mhz) In summary I added waiting loops, counts to slow down the execution, otherwise it would be too fast, practically unplayable.

Download eseguibile e sorgente

After downloading the video game, simply unzip it to a folder on your hard drive, or you can copy the executable: REDFACE.EXE and the font file FONT.CHR to a floppy diskette to insert into drive A:

Download the video game (with C source code)

Watch the video on youtube, Red face video invaders